Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WFRP: Chaos Gifts of Slaanesh

Some Chaos Gifts for followers of Slaanesh that I put together before the Tome of Corruption was released.

          Stained Glass Beauty:  Your personal charisma is such that the weak-willed find it difficult to contemplate harming you.  In melee combat, opponents must make a successful WP test to attack you, unless you have attacked them first.

            Animal Magnetism:  Regardless of your appearance, you have a powerful affect on others.  You gain a +20% bonus to Charm tests made against members of the opposite sex, and a +20% bonus to Intimidate tests made against members of your own gender.

            Tactile Sensitivity:  Slaanesh heightens the effect of your every sensation.  You suffer a 10% penalty to Initiative rolls and Perception tests, because the constant flow of sensation is somewhat distracting.  On the other hand, you gain a 10% bonus to Sleight of Hand, Pick Lock, and Agility-based Trade skills.

            Chemical Sensitivity:  You are an extremely cheap date, and have a wonderful time at parties.  Every alcoholic drink that you consume counts as two of the same type when determining drunkenness, and you take a 10% penalty to Willpower rolls to resist becoming addicted to drugs like Mandrake Root.  You gain a 10% bonus to Prepare Poison tests and any attempt to detect poison in your food or drink.

            Union of Pleasure and Pain:  The character becomes unable to distinguish serious pain from the most enthralling rapture.  For the 2 rounds immediately following an injury of any type, the character receives a +2% bonus to all tests for every Wound lost.  These bonuses do not stack; only the highest bonus available applies.  This bonus applies to self-inflicted wounds as well.

Add these to the random gift table in the Tome of Corruption or add them to your Champion as needed.

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