Monday, October 08, 2012

Semi-Random Starting Spells for Myth & Magic

Random character creation is good because it's fast and unpredictable. Picking spells for new wizards is bad because it's slow and you tend to only pick spells you already know how to use and can anticipate using. Totally random spell selection is a pain in the ass because you may end up with too many spells that do the same things (if you already know Magic Missile, as a level 1 Wizard are Shocking Grasp, Burning Hands and Shoot You In the Face really that useful?). Thus the following:

Starting Spell Selection: Wizards in Myth & Magic start the game knowing a number of spells equal to 1/2 their Intelligence, rounded down. In practice this means that you always start knowing between 5 and 10 spells.

All Wizards start play knowing Read Magic and Detect Magic. Use the guidelines and tables below to determine the rest of the spells in your spellbook.

5 Spells: Roll one time each on the Offense, Control, and Utility tables.
6 Spells: Roll once each on the Offense and Control tables, and twice on the Utility table.
7 Spells: Roll one time each on the Offense, Control, and Defense tables. Roll twice on the Utility table.
8 Spells: Roll once on the Offense and Defense tables, and twice on the Control and Utility tables.
9 Spells: Roll once on the Defense table. Roll twice on the Control, Utility, and Offense tables.
10 Spells: Roll once on the Defense table. Roll twice on Control and Offense tables. Roll three times on the Utility table. Enjoy being a Gnome.

Table 1: Offense Spells
1d10 RollSpell
1-2Burning Hands
3-4Chill Touch
5-6Gull’s Stone Storm
7-8Magic Missile
9-10Shocking Grasp

Table 2: Control Spells
1d8 RollSpell
1Charm Person
2Color Spray
Table 3: Defense Spells
1d4 RollSpell
1Arcane Armor
2Protection from Evil
3Thermoc’s Reflective Disc
4Thermoc’s Shield
Table 4: Utility Spells
1d20 RollSpell
2Change Self
3Comprehend Languages
4Dancing Lights
5Detect Undead
7Feather Fall
8Floating Disc
9Hold Portal
12Manipulate Flames
15Minor Cantrip
16Audible Illusion
17Phantasmal Image
18Spider Climb
19Unseen Servant

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