Thursday, April 20, 2006

Help Save Palladium Games

Bad news from Michigan- Palladium owner Kevin Siembieda just published this open letter indicating that due to the hardships that they've faced over the past year or so (including some large-scale theft and embezzlement on the part of a trusted employee, as well as the failure of the Nokia N-Gage platform to bring the first Rifts video game to the masses), Palladium is facing the possibility of closing its doors in the next few months unless things turn around.

If you would like to see Palladium games keep going, Kevin has asked supporters to order this print from the Palladium store. They'll be numbered and signed by Kevin Siembieda, and everyone who orders will have their name included in a future Palladium product. More importantly, if Palladium received 4-5 thousand orders, they'll have the cash to overcome their recent troubles and keep the doors open.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Palladium is a unique player in the RPG market. More so than any of the other gaming companies that I've dealt with or bought from over the past years, what Palladium does seems like a real labor of love for Kevin and the other Palladium writers and employees. Take a look at Kevin's open letter, and see what you can do to help out one of the last of the great old ones in the RPG industry.

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