Monday, April 24, 2006

Barony of the Damned Review

Good review of the new WFRP adventure, Barony of the Damned, up here on the Warpstone forums. I'd have to say that the book is sounding better than I expected; I had just been thinking about unleashing some Ghoul-ishness on my players at some point in the near future, and it seems that our flesh eating brethren play a large role in this new Brettonian adventure.

There seems to be a little confusion regarding this book; Amazon has it listed as part I of a series, as you'll see if you click the link above. This could just be some wackiness on Amazon's part; they also have Black Industries billed as Black Industires which, unless I'm much mistaken, was the name of an Goodyear dealership during the Harrapan empire.

On the other hand, keeping with the theme of damned baronies and BI's 'sourcebook + adventure' combinations, combined with the information about 2007's products, I wonder if there isn't a 'running theme' in the works. A Sylvania book could certainly make up volume II; if they're true to form, that would make volume III what exactly? Something set in the often-overrun city of Praag in Kislev, to go along with the rumored Kislev sourcebook? I'm not sure that there's an established region of Kislev that would go with the Barony of the Damned moniker, but the city descriptions from v1 included some fairly grim tidings regarding that particular location. We've also got the region around the Zombie/Blighted Marshes in Tillia, home of Skavenblight and who knows what other horrors.

Yes, there's truly something for every tourist in the Old World.

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