Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Greetings, and welcome to my humble gaming blog. Having previously spent some time venting my spleen on political issues, I've finally decided to give the people what they've been awaiting with baited breath: a blog that tackles the tough issues of modern society, such as reviewing new RPG products that I get my hands on, and marking snarky comments about publishers. Whereas munkipox is my personal soapbox to push my devious political agenda, Small but Vicious Blog is my opportunity to wax eloquent about the interest in roleplaying games, fantasy novels, and sci-fi that I developed as an adolescent and have since been unable to shake- despite several medical interventions.

I am a Nothing in Particular by trade. I've worked as a computer programmer, a teacher, and a graveyard shift stock boy during the past decade, and very nearly went for a PhD in the study of religion at one point. I've played RPG's since I was 10 years old, cutting my teeth on Palladium's line of games, and moving quickly into 2nd Edition AD&D, Shadowrun, WEG's Star Wars line, and my lasting love, WFRP. I currently spend more time playing online than in the real world, running and participating in play-by-email and play-by-post games of the new WFRPv2 and 3rd Edition D&D.

Things that I plan on posting here include:
  • Reviews of new (or semi-new) RPG material.

  • Reviews of fantasy and sci-fi novels.

  • General chatter about Sci-fi and/or fantasy TV and movies.

  • Thoughts on gaming, the RPG industry, Internet gaming, etc.

  • Non-fictional material relating in some strange way, in my estimation, to these topics.

Actual gaming material also remains a possibility; I've created a few rules, adventures, NPC's, and other bits and bobs in my day- mostly for WFRP of late- that may or may not show up at some point in the future here or elsewhere.

Things that probably won't show up here include:
  • Tirades directed at the government or other political figures, unless the War on Terror is soon to be followed by the War on Twenty-sided Dice.

  • Video games- console or PC based. I play them. I like them. I haven't got that much to say about them.

  • MMORPG's, except as they relate to traditional, book-and-dice based gaming. I've just never gotten into them.

Questions and Answers:
Q: Why should we care what you have to say?
A: While I lack what might be technically termed 'credentials', my mother often tells me that I am insightful and amusing. She also once hinted that she flattered me because she thought I might just be a cunning sociopath. And besides- The Power of Christ Compels You!

Q: Small but Vicious Blog?
A: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) has long been one of my favorite games. The Ratcatcher, a foul-smelling peasant employed to keep large psuedo-Renaissance cities free of diseased vermin, has long been one of the iconic WFRP characters for fans of the game. One of his most important pieces of equipment, as laid down in both versions of WFRP, is a Small but Vicious Dog. Yes, it is a terrible "joke", but blogs are like barbershop quartets: the ideal name is one that makes you smile the first time you hear it, and gets less and less funny every time after that.

There we are. Enjoy.

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